Saturday, 29 March 2008

A Little Rant and a Blue Door

It's been a little while since I 'blogged' or much else for that matter! Lots of displacement therapy including housework.   This also lead to the clearing up of work room.   Yet another bag bin bag of 'stuff' no longer required on journey.  This should, in theory, mean extra space, but somehow that doesn't seen to be the case.

I did find in my indigo box bits of fabric dyed last summer, including bigger pieces - enough to make a small quilt.  It just had to be made.   

Piecing the quilt made me think of last summer, and indigo workshops in the sun.  We managed fairly well, only one was a tad wet in the afternoon, but it was tropical rain!

When I was teaching near the Cape in South Africa last May I took a two day indigo workshop.   Now you would think the weather would be fantastic.  Guess what?. ok it was their autumn, we had the coldest, wettest, windiest time ever.  The situation was saved by wrapping the indigo vat in layers of newspaper and placed in a bin bag.

Having pieced the top, it was time to prepare the 'sandwich'.  Reached for the 505 spray, and found it empty.   Used up at my last workshop.   Reluctant to revert to the traditional way of tacking the layers together the only solution was to visit a well known Craft Shop beginning with "H".    They no longer stock it!!!!
It is so sad that all the little speciality shops in the area have closed down, leaving only one major retailer locally,charging outrageous prices. The good news is that I was directed to a 'newish' needlework shop in Wimborne, Golden Hands. It stocks 505 and other sewing essentials.  Hurrah, my first port of call in future. 

I have lists.  Most include dyeing - velvet and muslin scarves for Create, fabric to stitch.  
Breakdown screen printing, and experiments with discharge dyeing are up there too.  My 'wet room' is great, but weather dependent - cold unless the sun shines, and, with a pvc roof, noisy when it rains.   Hoping for warm April sun and just a few showers!

It is also time to consider entries to P&Q Exhibitions.   The Blue Door will definitely be at Malvern.
A very special wall hanging, made by members of Just 10 - our ex C&G group, Donna, Kay, Pauline, Celia, Joyce, and myself.  We have been together for more years than I care to mention, and this is our very first group quilt.  We took our portion of the image, the only criteria was that the colour and shape was crucial.   A total free hand in our interpretation, no conferring. When we all got together with our finished square, just look what we had done!  Amazing!




Carol said...

I love the door Tig. I was trying to guess who did which bit but I can't.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Carol,

Difficult one! If you start at top left it's Donna and Kay, second row, Pauline and me, third row, Joyce and Celia.