Monday, 14 July 2008

Clearing the decks

A opportunity to play with smelly substances!    Home alone.   We all know the story - you buy the ingredients for a particular technique, they sit in a cupboard, but one day you just have to get them out and have a go.

The time had come to make up discharge paste, using Formusol, mixed with thickened print paste.  The opportunity, the July Quilt Journal.

I have a postcard bought in Bhuj, Kutch.   An image of three ladies carrying, or fetching water.   Perfect.

The Water Carriers

For the main image I made a stencil - for the borders arishi shibori.   Black fabric discharged.   I like the result, although I have to say my work room didn't exactly smell of roses!    Windows necessarily left open to refresh the atmosphere!

Notes made, samples kept - now to clear up the mess.

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