Sunday, 21 September 2008


Out of the Vat
a subtle difference between rayon(left) and silk/cotton mix(right)


and Blue Sausages

It's official The Met Office has pronounced it the wettest summer ever.  However, this weekend is fantastic, clear blue skies, and warm, with just a hint of autumn in the early morning and evening.  Wonderful - perhaps I could get one more indigo vat going?!!  Today is also the last day of summer.

I've always associated Indian Summers with the sub-continent - well, I would wouldn't I?   Not so, I read it probably originated in New England.  American Indians and early colonists used this pleasant autumn weather to complete their harvest, gather nuts and berries and lay stores down for the winter.   

I can feel a bit of a forage coming on.


jude said...

these are marvelous. indian summer time of year here i WAS out gathering berries and such yesterday....a and a tad of clean up for the tangled garden.

aly may said...

Hi Tig

Haven't visited the blog for a while. Its such a joy!! Will write soon.Aly xx

Lorie M. said...

ooo that is so beautiful! Yes, this brief time of year is so wonderful for the senses, isn't it?

this too will pass said...

these remind me of some West African fabrics