Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Endings and beginnings

My summer indigo slow cloth is finished. I feel quite lost not having
a piece to pick up and stitch. Guess there might be a winter slow
cloth gathering itself quietly.

The last patch to be stitched - kantha fish swimming in a sea of blue.
Can you see them? Very subtle.

The wrinkled elephant

Yesterday was a Lentil Winter Warmer soup day . Out came the
new soup spoons brought back from Marrakech. Carved out of
orange wood, simple and beautiful. Very satisfying to use.
I like wooden spoons, especially for eating porridge.

Today I am preparing ingredients for a screen printing session.
There is a slight window in the stormy weather we have been
enjoying. The sun is shinning in the conservatory, so it's on with
lots of warm clothing for a couple of creative days. It seems ages
since I have had a chance to dust off the silk screens.


jude said...

i can see them.....

Eva said...

Lovely spoons. Were they made for a beach picnic? They can easily be stuck into the sand with the sharpened side, while not being used.

Rayna said...

Your travels are just too exotic. If I'm lucky, I get to go into New York City, where it is almost impossible to find wonderful Moroccan food and certainly not those graceful wooden spoons!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi there, and thanks!

Great idea for beach picnics, I also think they would make good ice cream scoops.