Friday, 9 April 2010

It looks like a greenhouse.....


which it is, although now harbouring secrets.

An indigo vat

The weather is unbelievably perfect.   The greenhouse 
is sort of redundant - why not set up a vat methinks.

Testing testing - yes, under that metallic purple is
the yellow/green I am looking for.  Ready to go.

First dip - yes, it is looking good. there is still a little more
oxidation to go.  Ten minutes on, as I look out of my 
window this napkin is a really dark blue.

My prepared cloth has been soaking, now ready 
for dipping.  I'm off to have fun in the Bluehouse.


jude said...

oh, grand! can't wait!!!!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Mainly plains at the moment - I couldn't resist! Now I must do some stitch resist etc., perhaps in the sun while I wait for the vat to warm.