Thursday, 30 September 2010

Been awhile

Summer Workshops over for another year.   I managed, by popular 
request, to squeeze in just one more indigo session.  A bright 
but chilly day.  A heater keep the vat up to temperature.

On Saturday six students came along to stitch their dyed cloth.
Despite two thirds of them not being familiar with a sewing
machine, by the end of the day all had a quilt top in the
making.  How good was that?!!

It's been a funny old summer one way an another.  I've been
busy taking workshops at home, and along the south coast.  
So many lovely students, and what fun we had.
In the spring my father in law became increasingly frail, 
his dementia really taking it's toll.  He lived at his home
just round the corner from us, with two carers calling 
in each day. Keith has been spending his days
between work and looking after his Dad.  Ted was
 admitted to hospital in July.  He passed
away peacefully this afternoon.  


jude said...

all my best. the blue brings peace to mind.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks Jude