Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hello from Udaipur

We left home at 4am.  Scraped the ice of the car windows,
and drove through fog to get to the airport.   Arriving in Bombay
it was a steamy 32c, and that was 3.00am.  Still, we are
very adaptable!  On arrival at Udaipur rain and thunder.
It was warm rain an didn't last long.

We have just been chilling out.  Lake Pichola 
Hotel feels like our Indian home.

Out and about meeting friends and acquaintances.
A little shopping - who could resist - and a wander
around the market place.

Basket making

 Zari work on a skirt piece - metal shapes
 and couched metal threads

Udaipur has many wall paintings on the outside of houses.
This one was complete on 15 October - still fresh and clean

Our friend Illyas as ever busy with the dye pots  When
I first visited the town I spent many a happy hour with
his father Masubi  learning about bandhani.

Sunset at Lake Pichola.  As I write, it is about
one hour on, it's getting dark and the temple
bells an drums are sounding out across the lake.

Tomorrow we start our adventure exploring the top 
end of Rajasthan.  We have a car and Samshu will
drive.  He also is a good friend, so we are looking
forward to an exciting couple of weeks.


deanna7trees said...

your post made me feel i was there with you. thanks.

Julie said...

What a romantic description...I'm going to save up!

Hilary said...

Tig, just picked this wonderful place up on the internet - you HAVE to make a detour -

Hope you are having a wonderful time - wet, wet, wet here.


Hilary said...

Oops - it won't let me put a URL in - it's the Galtaji Temple and Holy bathing pools in the hills 10 kms outside Jaipur.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Deanna and Julie just by those tickets!

Hi Hils, thank for the info. Think we have been there and it is beautiful. You walk up the hill past the bathing pools, and at the top you have a fabulous view of Jaipur. Lots of fighting monkeys too, as I remember.