Sunday, 12 June 2011

change in the weather

High winds, scudding clouds, not so warm, but welcomed 
rain for the garden.  Today lashing of rain and grey skies.
However, tomorrow and Tuesday promises better 'indigo'
weather.  Last week the muse hibernated.

In between catching up on necessary household tasks, 
ironing basket now empty, I found a shibori 'doodle, to stitch.


flowerofshona said...

Ooo i like that !
Now if your basket is empty can i bring mine over ??? don't want you getting bored LOL
The gardens so needed a good soaking and this summer in the UK so time to get winter projects done :)

Tiggy Rawling said...

Ironing basket filling up again - as it does. Still, afternoon play on Radio 4, looking out at the rain, hot iron in hand will remedy that. And, no I am not looking for more!

flowerofshona said...

aw thats ashame i had enough to keep you bizzy for days lol.
F1 for us this afternoon and finishing a redwork panel off.

Eva said...

Lovely quilting! And a clever solution to integrate the design and make it a 3D-thing.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks for your comments Eva. This little scrap has been in my samples box for a while. A little stitching done, and each time it reappeared I thought I must complete the piece. An interesting exercise, and new thoughts on shibori cloth.