Monday, 7 May 2012

The past week has mainly been spent dodging showers and pottering in the garden.

The columbines are a beautiful splash of colour,
new additions and they were in flower as
we planted them

Clematis Montana has spread through hedges and
flows through a birch tree.

As for the rest of the plants, like me, they are in suspended
animation.   All are green and lush, ready to explode.
What we really need is for the white cloud to lift, the sun 
to shine,and the temperature to rise at least 4 degrees.
Not much to ask surely, given this is May.

Only two indigo seedling from first planting
at the beginning of April.   They are thriving, slowly.

The packet of indigo seeds I ordered was a bit
sparse in the content department.   Fortunately
I saved some and made another sowing two
weeks ago.   At last, little signs of life.

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