Monday, 17 September 2012

something different

I took a workshop this weekend with Martyn Brewster, entitled 
The Painterly Print.     A tad out of my comfort zone, but utterly
brilliant.  Silk screen monoprinting, and so much more.

I am learning to love acrylic paint (did I really say that?) 
Brain so full by the end of day one I couldn't even cut paper
straight.  Loved the process.   This could be the beginning of 
a new journey of discovery.

Mark One

Yes, I am still slowly stitching.   Border detail - Indian Applique

Then there are the indigo plants to process tomorrow.  
Their growth is slow this year, which has given me a little
window during a busy time.    I have been looking for signs
of the flowers emerging, they will appear very soon I think!

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