Sunday, 7 October 2012

a colouful week

First there were two workshops on Procion dyeing.  Oh the colours, and 
I have to imagine the results as the interesting wrapped packages were 
taken home by students.    I have heard from Joyce who is so excited 
with her dyed cloth, she can't possibly use it!

my summer 'very' slow cloth finished


It started off during a hectic period of disruption.   The small blocks stitched
in quiet times.   As the little pile grew, the blocks were joined and quilted.

flowers detail

the elephant

I thought I might turn it into a cushion with outrageous tassells, I am still 
undecided on that option.  For now it will be a tucked into my Indian 
Applique workshop box.  A very colourful sample for inspiration.

I can feel ideas for my winter slow cloth quilt emerging.

First, there is a great deal of cleaning and sorting to do.   Yucky dye pots,
plus all the paraphernalia involved with teaching.

Three more workshops to go this month, and then thoughts will turn in an
easterly direction!   

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Radka said...

I love your Summer quilt :-) Sorry, I am a bit slow blogging at the moment.