Monday, 1 September 2014

hello September

Of mist and mellow fruit fullness - we have mist, or rather the remains of smoke from a landfill site about four miles away.   Can't open windows 'cos the smell is awful!

The last two weeks of August were a combination of getting out and about,  enjoying the weather, sitting on very comfortable new sofas and finally giving the kitchen a good tidy, a scrub down and discovering the joy of clean cupboards.    So all spic and span, feeling very virtuous.  Decorating materials put away.

the Kurta quilt is on the wall

The last of Art Festival children's tie dye workshop on Friday.   I was swamped, didn't really have time to totally unpack.      At the end of the day I worked out that over two sessions I sent out into the world eighty seven fabulous t-shirts and with their happy makers.    Hoping I might receive photos of the finished t-shirts eventually.   With no fear. or preconceived ideas, there were fabulous colours combinations.     

print from dyed t-shirt on cardboard - love it!

On Saturday I did absolutely nothing, that is after I cleared all the dye pots and brushes and put all the workshop paraphernalia away.   

On Sunday we spent a very pleasant day at the end of Bournemouth pier, watching the Air Festival.   Posh fish and chips for lunch.  As we were high up and some of the planes were flying low, the pilots were visible as they whizzed by.     Blue skies and 20c, who could ask for more!

looking over towards Shell Bay - Poole Bay was full of boats of every description.

the fabulous Red Arrows

The Lancaster, it's huge!
thoughts of my father-in-law who was a Lancaster pilot, aged 23

Whilst I was dealing with the mini dyers on Friday, Keith took Ben to the
 Air Show.  First stop, the Birds of Prey area.    Here he is asking the Barn 
Owl to look at the camera

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reensstitcher said...

I had an uncle who died learning to fly a Lancaster. There was an incredibly high mortality rate among Empire airmen but now I keep thinking of the cost of a plane being destroyed!