Thursday, 18 December 2014

bah humbug

'tis the season to come out of hibernation and ignore Santa Claustrophobia.

the 'tree' looking splendid against the white wall
the thick branches are the ones I dragged from Chisil beach
during the storms after last Christmas
the rest from our hazel trees
just looking at it has made me smile
and that's before it is decorated

the Christmas garden has been raided for
holly, mistletoe and ivy

a family gathering here on Saturday
a game of football on the beach
back for bowls of hot warming soup
and festive fayre

wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas
and a wonderful New Year

1 comment:

indigocarole said...

The Indian strippy quilt sewn with your hand dyed thread finally made it onto flickr
The weather has been too wet and windy to take a full picture. I will try again in the Spring. It is about 104" x 110" approx. and very heavy. Now officially called The Pomegranate Tree.
Enjoy the beach.