Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Out of March Hibernation

March certainly roared in like a lion but there was no sign of it going out like a lamb.

Yesterday we went to the beach with Mr. Ben.   The sun was shining, which was nice.    To say the wind was blustery is somewhat of an understatement.  

we were sandblasted with nowhere to hide
the sea was an amazing colour when the sun came out
grey, blue and green

we walked along the beach, with the wind behind us, looking for interesting things
then had to face the sandstorm to get back to the car 
refreshing and invigorating   bring on softer and warmer days, please

I did manage a deal of dyeing threads and fabric, not in the conservatory though, far to cold.   Rain and grey skies did not diminish bright colours, plenty of inspiration around me.

I took a workshop with the lovely ladies of the South Somerset Embroidery Guild.   The journey through Dorset and Somerset was lovely, the sun peeking through big fluffy clouds and little peaks of green showing on the hedges and trees.  Indian Stitchery the name of the workshop, accompanied by plenty of colourful textiles.  It was a good day all round.

The garden needs a great deal of attention since it's been either too cold, wet or windy.   Perhaps this weekend, but I don't think so!

I had lunch with my friend Jean and we called into Walford Mill to see Cleo Mussis' exhibition Spring Boody.    Fabulous mosiacs made from broken crockery - you just have to see Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit, plus son.   They just made me laugh and feel very happy.

A clean out of boxes of fabric yielded three full bin bags.   You know all those little scraps, fabric that's been hanging around for years and years and is still not talking to me.  

I did gather scraps of indigo and block printed fabric to put together a quilt.


hand stitching - time for contemplation as I slowly stitch and watch the cloth start to ripple

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Radka said...

You always inspire :-)
But I need sun, new energy, please!
Yes, gardening would be good this weekend, but I don't hope for too much of that.
Had to smile, in Tesco today there was a big display of BBQ stuff! There is hope yet, LOL!
Happy Easter!