Thursday, 18 June 2015

shades of

the remains of Saturday's indigo vat

it didn't rain
could have been warmer
still a garden of blue at the end of the day

today the vat has revived itself
it's hot, hot, out there
so I can give this a couple more dips

it doesn't look too exciting does it?!!!

I bought about ten pieces of Khadi cloth from a small shop in Wagwam
to the surprise of everyone    why would I want so many dusters?
Khadi cloth is hand spun cotton which is then hand woven
the cloth is really chunky and gorgeous, and yes it took the dye well

I only brought a couple of pieces home with me, the rest are in a
cupboard at Samshu's house, waiting their fate either as dusters or.......

found in my Chinese steamer, dried acanthus flowers

finished    my therapy quilt,  Dentil

Dentil n. architecture

one of a series of rectangular blocks projecting like teeth 
from a moulding or beneath a cornice 

Ha, ha.   The dentist is my new 'best friend'  
in between appointments hand stitching was very comforting, and now it's done

one or two appointments to go
I feel another quilt coming on


Regina B Dunn said...

I love the touch of the circles and the gold fabrics. They add a nice rhythmic feel.

Radka said...

I am not sure that any dentist could inspire me to make such beautiful quilt! LOL

Vasudha Somayaji said...

I love the color indigo , your blog title too. I had rather be in India than anywhere else..