Wednesday, 29 July 2015

under wraps

the time was right

it has to be done

decorating my studio

just one corner

the rest of the contents are shared equally around the house

light  shadow and a beautiful jade green

my room faces north so can be a little gloomy
three walls are painted white, but the west facing wall glows, when the sun shines(!)

In Udaipur I acquired a pot of pigment to add to emulsion
it's gorgeous

so, decorating done   new carpet arrives tomorrow
meanwhile, and probably for a few days I am going through my boxes
off assorted stuff no longer required on journey

already a shed load of assorted papers, including references from magazines
gathered pre internet have been discarded   then there are boxes and boxes of 
fabric, bits and pieces that can, no doubt, be recycled elsewhere   

it feels good saying goodbye to stuff that has been lurking far too long!

Time for a glass of red me thinks!

1 comment:

Radka said...

It must be something to do with the weather! I am also in a process (very slow one) of trying to sort out my room (not decorating). Slow, because I am scrutinising every bit I am getting rid of; not a good thing, because it stops me from being ruthless, LOL!