Friday, 4 April 2008

The dye pots are out!

The time has come to just get on with it!   Ten metres of silk/viscose velvet to dye, and the arrival of my parcel from India with fine muslin, which will be transformed into sarongs/wraps.
In the meantime, it's velvet scarves.

The basics - new dyes, new sponge brushes and, in the interests of 
Health and Safety, I have invested in a respirator mask.

An hour later, and there are two scarves batching.   Things are getting a bit messy!

This is a section of one of the scarves in the tray.   The colours are difficult
    to reproduce in a photograph - maybe it is the silk reflecting.   You have to 
     imagine dark blue, going through to dulled turquoise, with blending in between.

Another piece, again the colours are at least two tones darker.

Probably 5 metres dyed - half way there.   Really pleased with the results, as well as the above colourways, I have one I call 'Fire"  just yummy, and another one Indian Summer - rich pinks, oranges and a blend of yellows.   Totally impossible to photograph these so you will just have to imagine!     Guess what I will be doing tomorrow!

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