Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Where did April go?

It's been a busy month, suddenly tomorrow it's May.    In the spirit of the season, I am spring cleaning my blogspot, so to speak!    It was all thrown together before I left for India, and I still have a lot to learn.  However, new heading picture, a bit about me, Diary Dates, and - now I feel a bit weak, it has taken several attempts - a Link List, only one so far, more to be added.  Now where did I put my notes on how to!

Interesting weather too!   Snow on the balcony at the beginning of the month, then a little taste of summer, biblical rain, hail and thunderstorms.     When the rain is not pelting down in the conservatory roof I can enjoy dyeing etc whilst watching the blue tits fly in and out of the nest box - they must have very hungry babies in there.   The garden is looking good, but there is a lot of work to be done out there.

Finished April Journal quilt - Summer Pavilion.  Tick.

A page from my Journal

The finished quilt - free 'sketchy' machine 
stitching, minimal bonded fabric and a little
hand stitching.

Brittany Ferries off to Cherbourg, with little Sandbanks ferry in the background.   Taken on a real April day, sun shining, big clouds, a bit breezy and best enjoyed, as we did in the bar of The Haven Hotel, with a little glass of something, and a few nibbles.

Now to attempt the Link List again.

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