Tuesday, 30 December 2008


diary - to avoid disappointment do not even attempt to design
or stitch until the sun returns to shine through window.

A little preview

The indigo fabric seems to relate to the frosty weather
outside, but holds memories of the few good 'indigo
days' of the summer.   Far and few between this year.

Now for a coffee, then to sort out backing and wadding
ready to spend the day quilting.


Julie said...

Nice fabrics. I love indigo products. Did you dye them? I am looking forward to a new year of crafting fabrics after spending a few days recharging batteries by doing absolutely nothing except swimming, reading, beach walking and reclining at Palm Cove, a lovely beach just north of Cairns. Hope you had a great Christmas and best wishes for the coming year!

Sue said...

This looks wonderfully exciting! Wishing you a joyful year of creativity in 2009.

Carol said...

I really like this time of year. After the Christmas madness everyone seams to just stay quietly at home. For me a time to sort things out.I am still trying to find proper homes for things. Since the move stuff was just put anywhere. I have change my workroom around and prefer it like it is now. illike the design of this work. I also really like the colour of your hall. My lounge was that colour when we lived in Ferndown. It is very cosy. I was trying to work out what the bits and bobs were under the lamp.

Tiggy Rawling said...

The bits and bobs are an assortment of lac work from Kutch. Spoons, chapatti rollers and thread holders.
I'll post a photo soon so you can really see them!

The indigo quilt is now quilted (in gold). Long and skinny - 130 x 25cm.

I like this time of year also, new beginnings!

jude said...

great blues all together!