Friday, 19 December 2008

Winter Blues

I should be really busy, deadlines, Christmas et al.  I find I have gone into hibernation!   I have also lost two pairs of reading glasses in the last couple of days, and had to have a long loved ring cut of my finger - so that was why my fingers were feeling strangely painful!

Before the gloom set in I gave a talk to the local Embroiderers' Guild on Indian travels/textiles.   Big adventure, projector and laptop, no more 20th century slide shows.  The way to go.

The view of the evening sun set is no longer visible from my kitchen window, but the shortest day is soon upon us, and on the 28th December the sun will come peeping through the window again.

I have found displacement activities, instead of getting on with a couple of hangings due to be completed the first week in January. Keith has decorated the hall, red wallpaper.  It's gorgeous, warm and cozy. Pictures and textiles slowly being added to the walls. 

A positive attitude


Carol said...

I am nearly ready. but not relaxed. My mind is on the go all the time wondering if I have got everything done. The worst thing is organising where all the family sleep. My work room will have to become a bedroom but when shall I change it. Once it is done everything will go on hold.
Must be nice having your hall decorated but does it make the rest of the house look like it needs doing now.
Thanks for your recent comment. The sunsets have gone from here too
Have a Happy Christmas. Our Rosemoor exhibition is going to Cowslip on Jan 10th and is going to the Quilt Festival in August so next year is already getting filled. See you here in the New Year

rivergardenstudio said...
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rivergardenstudio said...

Happy Christmas to you, your blog is lovely... Roxanne (I deleted my last comment because of a type error) sorry...

Julie said...

It's hard to believe it is cold over there as we are melting in 32+ degrees celcius with 90% humidity. Craft working and art on paper is uncomfortable because I have to prevent sweat contacting everything. Sorry about your spot of bad luck. I really like your leopard such nice textured stitchery. I take it that it is one of yours? I painted a dingo once using inspiration from one of my kid's pictures but maybe now I might try it in stitchery.