Monday, 25 October 2010

autumnal tones

Last night was the coldest this autumn.  Frost on my car - shock 
horror, it's too early for this isn't it?!!   When the sun came up 
everything looked wonderful.   The trees are slowly beginning to
turn at last, but odd things are happening in the flower beds.
Spring bulbs are shooting already, they are going to be sorry.

Some pictures taken in the late afternoon sun.

the beech tree at the bottom of our garden - just
showing orange leaves.   It looks lovely with the
dappled light shining through.

and the huge trees next door

a sweet chestnut has already taken on an
autumn look.  The bonus on this one, we
harvest the chestnuts, as do the squirrels

an ancient oak, still very green!

and lots of these.  Oak leaves will tumble down
until December and will be knee deep.  Only
joking, but it feels like that when I have the task
of clearing up.   Leaf compost, I don't think so.
There will be more bags than space to put them!

So today, a check up at the dentist.  Always glad
to tick that one off.   India visa applications posted.
Time to fly to the sun.  Afternoon in the garden,
making a start clearing the fallen leaves.

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