Sunday, 24 October 2010


With some left over dyes and various lids, a little more playtime.

First of a 'flag fold', clamped with milk container tops.

The circles did not penetrate the whole of the
folded cloth.  However, briefly rinsed and left in
the bowl I discovered an interesting dye run -
if you like pastel!

At the other end of the cloth two evil eyes are
watching me.

That's a bit scary!

So now with metal lids, clamped really tightly.

Great - I think I can work on this idea.


tiedyejudy said...

Can lids work great! So do CD's, although you might get an eyeball look with the CD's! But then you can have fun embellishing afterward... see the last 3 pix on for an example of what I mean.

Rayna said...

So cool! I can never find clamps that keep anything together tightly enough:-(.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Judy - I am going to zip over to your blog to have a look. I know about eyeballs! I 'found' two wooden circles with a drill hole in the middle. Eyes, or even part of a lady's anatomy!

Rayna - I use metal grips that I can hardly open! They work really well, good for the upper arm muscles too.