Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Two things

from the Bonovitz and Kramrisch collection of the
Philadelphia Museum of Art.

A wonderful reference book.  It's quite a tome.  
For ease of reading I prop it up on a pillow.

A Kindle.  Who would have guessed I would
abandon the paper page?   It arrived
yesterday.   Duly charged etc. I read all
the helpful hints.   And so to make a purchase.
It appears to me that a Reading List is
required, so as to make an informed choice.
You can always go for the best sellers, of
course.   Then there are the free classics.
My first dip into the wonderful world of
Kindle - Rudyard Kipling collection.
There is enough reading material here
to dip into for months!

I shall, of course, continue to buy hardback
books.  The Kindle is going to be fab. for
traveling though.  I can load up travel 
guides, books for the jourrney etc.
This alone with save space and weight
in my luggage!   I am also saving trees!

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