Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Work in Progress

New Year - New Look. It's just about three years since I set
up this blog to record my travels in India.  My, I have been 
on a very big learning curve.  About time it had a make over.

I've grappled with adding 'pages'.   Spent most of the
morning trying to understand Blogger instructions.  The
answer was lunch, and to return to the task.  It works!
You will notice I have added "Shop".   I hope to get this
together within a week or two.   Just a few more hoops
and technicalities to jump through.

Meanwhile, here is a quilt that was given to me on
my last trip.  It's delightful, and makes me smile.
All those busy little people.   No explanation given,
but I am pretty sure it is not Indian.  I think it comes
from South America.  Any thoughts?

the little girls have hair made from wool and
woven plaits.  They don't look very happy!


jude said...

looks good, looking forward to the shop, and this is a beautiful cloth!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks Jude. It's amazing what you can do if you really try! One tick in the box. Next up buckets of dye and dealing with Paypal!

reensstitcher said...

I like the makeover, especially the Header. You have my sympathy in trying to add things - my blog still has very little in the way of links etc. It all seems to take so much time to set up!

Tiggy Rawling said...

I have set myself this week to complete the blog tasks Changing the 'look' was surprisingly easy. it's all the other bits that takes time! It's all a matter of comprehension, which fairly scrambles my brain.

lelani said...

I have something very similar;"The Mercado", and it comes from Peru.

jayakarthik said...

ohhh i thought it is India, looking at all those little people,except for their dress :D,anyway loved ur quilt designs. thanks for sharing.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Lelani I think you have answered my question. I fell in love with this quilt. How did it end up in a collection of old and beautiful Indian textiles? It was in a cupboard with wonderous things, and called out to me. It made me smile - which is good. On looking at it closely, when I arrived home, the content, especially the embroidery, made me think of Arpillera wall hangings. I have only seen these in books. What a gift and a treasure. From Peru to India - now in England. How amazing is that?

Leilani said...

Amazing and serendipitous!