Wednesday, 23 February 2011

There and back again

We returned from Rajasthan on Tuesday, descending through the grey
 clouds (and I know there is blue sky up there).  

A great trip exploring southern Rajasthan.  The wheat we watched being 
planted in November is now almost ready for harvesting, along with mustard, 
coriander and caster oil plants. which are so high. The mango trees are in 
flower and the countryside generally looks green and lush.   Interesting
to note the changes over two months.   Lakes are already drying out
and the migrant birds have flown home.

I have neglected my blog!   Most times we were way out of
civilization, no hot water never mind internet access.  Oh the joy of a
hot shower and clean clothes when we returned to Udiapur.

I have been given the loan of a Nikon camera by my man.  I think I
like it, but have yet to come to grips with getting the photos on the
computer.   Eventually.  Meanwhile, I have lost my voice - aircraft
germs?!!   Lots of things I should be doing, the list is long, but 
right now I think I will take up the horizontal with a cup of hot 
lemon and honey.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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Sue said...

Oh! The frustrations of voice loss and communicating by whistling and clapping of hands to get attention. Hope you soon feel much better. I'm looking forward to hearing more and maybe seeing more of this trip. xxx