Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New month - new beginnings

Well, that was a nasty bug.  The hacking cough, which kept me 
awake, has almost disappeared.   Feeling so much better today.

The photos have been uploaded at last.    I can spend a
happy few hours going through them.  The jury is still out on
the Nikon DX.  It's a heavy old thing to carry round.  Guess I
should make a considered opinion after looking at the pix.
I have a Cannon Sureshot, my second one.  I like the micro
lense, not available on the Nikon.   Both Cannons suffered 
from stuck lenses, usually when traveling. This might be
due to the heat and dust?  Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, signs of spring - taken on the Cannon.
No heat and dust to worry about in Dorset!

A much needed haircut this afternoon.  The 'to do'
list to be consulted, and the 'shop' to be stocked.
Plenty to do then.

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