Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Baneswar Fair

In southern Rajasthan, Baneswar is located in a delta formed by 
three major rivers.   The fair is held every year over a period of ten days
Bheels or tribal people from all over Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya
 Pradesh flock here taking  holy dips in the sacred rivers.  

The fair covers an enormous area, as far as the eye can see.
Streams of people arriving;  bathing, shopping, cooking, gathering
in groups, catching up with old friends.  

A new charpoy - flat pack Ikea style.

A refreshing ice cream, with florescent cones

Making parathas

Mr. Green demonstrating electricity
generating bike

Always the boys, constant companions
on our wanderings

and the giggling girls, daring
each other to have a photo taken 

We strolled in the heat and dust, taking in the sights, only 
covering about half of the area.  Crazy attractions at the fair, 
not to sure about the safety of the Big Wheels, the Wall of Death
 looked suitably terrifying.  Avoided men with snakes and
performing monkeys.

During the day the festival is amazing, so many people.
We had no problems, except with the police carrying 
lathi sticks.  Not happy with us taking photos.  For no
 reason, unless perhaps if baksheesh was offered??

At night it is another matter.  Can you imagine, cooking
fires, folk songs, dancing, fireworks and those crazy
Big Wheels?  Sad to say we opted out on that one. 


leilani said...

Hi Tiggy!

Do you still have the sample pack of 12 5" cotton squares and the 40x17" linen large bound circles?

If so, I would like to order both and use PayPal to pay. thanks.


Sailaja said...

Hi Tiggy,

I spent a good 30 minutes going through your blog. I am fascinated and inspired to see a foreigner being passionate about Indian weaves. Btw, my name is Sailaja, an Indian based in South India (Andhra Pradesh).

Do you have an email id I can reach you at?

P.S Congrats on becoming a grandmother. :)

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Lelani - Yes I do, in fact you are my very first Paypal customer. Thanks. So order away, and lets see what happens. I'll post the parcel as soon as I receive your order via Paypal.