Monday, 28 March 2011

sticky fingers

It's a bit yucky in my workroom.   The gluing corner is all I am 
prepared to reveal.   The painting area is like a disaster zone.
Tubes of paint, piles of painted papers, brushes, sponges etc.,
you get the picture.   However, the book x 2 is currently under
telephone directories and heavy tomes flattening out.

Under construction.   Painted, printed and stitched papers,
a little bit of fabric.  Instead of folding the card, I am joining
 the back and front square with a calico hinge.

The patterns are of Indian design, surprise, surprise!  This one
is reverse applique.  There are four pages in all, front and back.  

Fun to do and a huge, messy learning curve.  Getting carried
away with various pots and tubes of colour.  Finding, on
applying CMC paste, that some mediums bleed.   This was 
pretty obvious anyway, if I had engaged my brain!  Lovely
colours with old Procion dyes - of course they will bleed!
Any ideas on 'fixing' them on paper?!!  Is there a way?

Now I must clear up - there are trails of paper and bits all
over the house.  Not many clear surfaces in my workroom.
 This might take a little time!

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