Sunday, 10 April 2011


and with it comes the usual desire to clean and discard

It was a hard winter although, amazingly, the garden is bursting out
all over.   All the plants are putting on a grand show, maybe in 
celebration of the turning of the season.   The weather is fabulous,
too nice to stay indoors.   I spent most of last week weeding, 
tidying, enjoying the spring flowers, and noticing the new 
new growth all around.   Repotting my orchids, a job that
really needed doing - they are looking very happy now.

Then there are the car boot sales.   Grand to be sitting in a field.
 in the sun, selling 'stuff' we have inherited over the years.

There's the bone chine tea set that belonged to Keith's grandmother.
It lived in a cupboard, waiting for a special occasion.  Over the years,
in different cupboards, the tea set came to rest, in a cardboard
box, in our garage.  It has never seen the light of day, let alone
a splash of tea, or a crumb of cake.   It was bought by a
gentleman who is getting married in the summer.   The
reception is to be a 'Mad Hatters' tea party.  What a great
idea, and what fun for the lonely tea set.

The house and garage feel 'lighter' already.  I dream of
finding even more stuff to get rid off. Having said that, the
Big Shed has enough full cardboard boxes to keep us in
in car boot sales for weeks.

I am pleased to say that, thus far, I have only made one
purchase - a beautiful old garden trug.  That's not to say this
will be my only buy.   Trying not to investigate other people's
tables is a tough one! One man's junk is another's treasure etc.

So.......another sunny day in a field.

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Koroneczka said...

Beautiful flowers! Happy Day! :)