Thursday, 15 September 2011

blue into green


Still here, too busy to blog, and not a lot to blog about to be honest.

The month is full of workshops, so lots to prepare.  Last week we had
a taste of winter - cold, dull and rainy.  The nights are drawing in;  I had a birthday,
and thoughts of the end of summer made me a tad introspective.  

This weekend a two day indigo workshop.  We will  be rust dyeing. A few new
samples made - above indigo over dyed with iron water.  Colour stripping 
indigo back to white with printing blocks, or whatever comes to hand.    

I'll be teaching at the Mill  during the Create weekend.  Lots of makers and
demonstrations.     Too many wonderful things, I think feel a little retail 
therapy coming on.   


Celia said...

I'm coming to your workshop this weekend and really looking forward to it. Rust dyeing too? Great!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Great, see you on Saturday!