Monday, 19 September 2011

It was an ominous start to the day.   The heavens opened around 7 am.
It got better.    We assembled, myself and six students under the green
marque, ready to start the indigo weekend.   A lot of stitching, pole 
wrapping, clamping etc.  cloth being prepared for the vat in the
afternoon.   The sun came out, lovely.  It wasn't hot.  The vat was
insulated with newspaper.  Beautiful blues.

Oh dear, it got worse.   Monsoon rain during Sunday night, Grey skies
first thing.   We decided to decamp to The Loft, only three flights up
the old Mill.  We could have been at the Ritz!   The facilities were
100% better that outside.  It was dark in the tent, and still it rained.

Everyone busy getting cloth ready to dye.   Timing was the thing.
It was cold.  It was still raining, but the vat had to be made.   Oh, what
fun!   Finding enough hot water, and then the deepest puddle!  
Rearranging tent to get vat and washing line inside.  However,
come 2 pm the dyeing session declared open, and, hola, the
sun appeared.   Although a bit soggy and damp, more wonderful
blues produced.   A snippet of pixs

lovely pole wrapping

a very old silk wrap.  originally peach, pink,
and a bit of blue.  now look at it.  I want one

I think we deserve an Indigo Endurance Medal.
So, thanks to all for sticking with it.

This morning was spend sorting soggy things.
Clothes pegs sitting in about an inch of water.
The vat and pipes are still in the garden waiting to
be cleaned.  Think I'll wait until the sun comes out!

I found this on the path

a sign of autumn for sure

CommentCelia has a post on the workshop, through a students eye.
You might like to visit her blog.


Celia said...

It may have been wet part of the time, but it was great fun - and I learned a lot. Many thanks to a great teacher!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thank you Celia. It was all a bit of a crazy,mad learning curve. Very good exercise too (!)