Monday, 9 January 2012


Best laid plans of last week had to go on hold.    The Big Sneeze heralded a 
horrible cold.  Just had to go with it.   Caught up on my reading, even watched 
some rubbish films on  the box - how ill do you have to be?!!

As a little light therapy a rolled some spools for dyed yarns.   Mindless, but at
least I was doing something useful.

How wonderful when you suddenly feel better, even enough to tackle taking the Christmas decorations down, plus industrial cleaning.   Shock horror, so many cobwebs, did spiders invade my house for the festive season?

Today I spent dyeing yarn.  Outside grey skies, inside an explosion of colour.


Els said...

All these little spools look so funny !
Hope you can start now a bit healthier in the new year, all the best for a creative year !

Tiggy Rawling said...

That's interesting, never thought of them as funny! Perhaps a reflection on my brain process at the time. Tubular and slightly wobbly. However, after a few days with the Cold, I really appreciate being 'well' again.

Eva said...

The spools are a sculpture. Get well soon!