Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Organisation, that's the thing, apparently

January is always a good month for hunkering down and doing absolutely nothing.
Outside cold and grey, hard to motivate myself.  However, lots of paperwork tucked
away.   Workshop paperwork all done, tick.   Accounts, yawn, and tax paid - big tick.

a massive yarn dyeing session - the last of
the balls yet to be wound on to spools

preparing cloth for the indigo vat 
whilst listening to the radio

Room given a good clean out and sort. A good month after all.

Next week we are heading East - guess where - for two weeks
of warmth and inspiration.   On my return I shall grapple with
setting up a website, which will include a new look store.

March is the start of a busy summer, and the first indigo
vat of the season.    Hurrah.


Radka said...

Wow, aren't you good ! :))

Jacky said...

Sounds like you have accomplished a lot and everything is ready for the first indigo vat!
Enjoy your upcoming holiday...some sunshine and brightness, just whats needed after a grey, dreary winter.

Jacky xox

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Jacky. I have been boringly busy in January. Not a lot of creativity going on, unless you figure paperwork in the equation.
Tomorrow we set of for a glorious two weeks in India.
I shall return restored and ready to go. Well, that's the plan!