Wednesday, 8 February 2012


We've been in South India for a week now, staying first in Mysore - a beautiful 
city - just for two days to sort out forward destinations.

a visit to the local bird sanctuary 

the islands overflowing with painted storks,
pelicans, spoonbills etc. etc. busy making their nests

did I mention rather large crocodiles?

The Railway Museum just marvellous. you could climb
up on to the plate and play engine drivers


an old Austin brought out from England in the 30's
converted for the Railway Inspector to travel in

then there was the Government Silk Factory
gosh, the noise.  we watched the total process from
spooling the silk yarn, through to the finished product
No photos allowed.

For a bit of colour - how about a collection of buckets?!!


Julie said...

i love to share your off beat travels in India...much more interesting than the route commonly traveled!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Julie - this one was certainly of the beaten track!