Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Moving On

We travelled from Mysore west to River Woods Home Stay in Magaundi.
Five hours driving though fertile land - rice paddies and lakes, up through
hills covered with trees, and eventually to the coffee plantations.  A long 
and winding road indeed.    Every where is so green and lush.

our villa in the early misty morning
in the foreground coffee beans set out 
for drying in the sun
all around the ghostly sounds of birds
and the scent of coffee flowers not
unlike that of jasmin

the guardian of the house

coffee flowers

vines of black peppers climb up trees

No mobile, no computer connection,
no contact with the outside world.
Fabulous.   Long walks through the
plantations, strolls down to the lake.
Evenings on the veranda taking in
the sounds of the jungle with a 
chota peg of gin and tonic, then
enjoying the most delicious home
cooked South Indian food.

the full moon last night
 taken from the veranda

Today we traveled to Hassan, a stop over
before we head to the district of Coorg.
I think the home stay there is half way up a
very high mountain!  However, we have wifi
connection and a chance to catch up with
the world before we disappear for another
few days.

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