Saturday, 18 February 2012

on walking in the garden

There is evidence of heavy frosts,  in fact a friend told me that the
temperature dropped to 7c which is almost unheard of here in the south.
The jasmine and arum lilies have suffered, but there are signs of spring.

The fig tree is in bud, and catkins are hanging from the hazel tree.
Tiny peeps of yellow on the daffodil flowers, violets in bud, and
clumps of snowdrops nodding in the cold winter breeze.

So now I am thinking of the emerging vegetable plot and the
ordering of seeds.   On my list will be Japanese Indigo.   A few
years ago I planted indigo and had great success.  Failed 
miserably over the past year or two, and then discovered fresh 
seeds are best.

my first indigo plants

the vat
the indigo leaves were stripped and mashed
and to my surprise it worked


that was a huge learning curve, not so much information
about then.   So gathering notes and research I am
really looking forward to the indigo harvest
in the late summer


Shruti said...

Hi! I found you via Craft Corners! I was featured there too this week. I'd love to know more about fabric dyeing... and would love to connect with you... I am a quilter from India and we have recently started the India Modern Quilt Guild too... Looking forward to hearing from you...

Claire said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I used the method too last summer . I too am looking forward to this summer and a harvest. Lovely blog!