Thursday, 16 February 2012

Keshava Temple Belur

On the road to back to Mysore we stopped for chai and a chance to see Keshava 
Temple.  Built around 1268, the last major temple of the Hoysala dynasty.

Midday hot sun, shoes removed to enter temple complex - ouch.   I love walking 
barefoot, in a way connecting with all those who have trodden this path for centuries.    
This was more of a hop, skip and a jump between the sparse coconut mats.  

The main temple is festooned with intricate soapstone carvings.   
Elephants surround the base, each one different.   To photograph
the next layer I would have needed the use of a ladder!

hopping on, and with the help of steps to one 
of the temple entrances, a guardian lion

then a frantic dash to the temple 'store room'

images of gods ready for the next festival

a family group about to visit the temple who insisted
I took their photo, then great laughter and excitement
on seeing the result

and another group wanting 'aunty' to take a photo
they were lovely - big smiles and shaking of hands
'uncle' took this shot - you might notice the odd one out!

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