Monday, 2 July 2012

Good timing

On Saturday I took an indigo workshop in my garden.     All week I checked
the weather forecast.   It went through all the usual combinations we are
experiencing this summer.   From hot, humid, heavy and light rain showers.

Would I have to cancel;  erect the gazebo for the vat, and provide umbrellas
to get to the clothes line?   No!   The sun shone, and we had such fun.  Indeed,
it was just great being outside, never mind the excuse of indigo dyeing.

I am home alone for a couple of days, relishing the chance to stitch, and grab
a bite to eat when I am hungry.   What a treat!

Today I dug out painted papers, doodled on the machine, added a dab or two of
paint, and hand stitched to finish.

That was fun.  It's been ages since I have had time to play.
The indigo plants are very thirsty so I guess the rain is
welcomed by them, although to really grow well more
sun and warmth is required.   Still, nature usually
catches up.   Who knows, we might have a really
hot July.  Today is it pouring down again.

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Radka said...

Hi Tiggy! I like days like that, to myself, doesn't happen very often.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I am glad that you enjoyed my trip :-) I see that you are still "no-reply blogger" :)