Monday, 25 June 2012

blast from the past

My son recently sent me this picture of a quilt I gave to one of his university friends,
many years ago.     

The quilt itself was made around 1990 (!) I was still learning!    The 12" blocks, from 
my memory, were machine pieced and quilted in the ditch.   The fabric from America.
The colours mustard yellow, deep red and dark blue, all with small patterns.  Typical of
it's time.    How they have faded!

The quilt is being used to sit on during a picnic in a London Park.
Look at the wear and tear.   It is good to know that it has been
loved and used.  Far better than languishing in a cupboard.

I can feel a replacement quilt coming on.  Perhaps a bit more
contemporary?    Having said that I remember being pretty
pleased with the patchwork element, and all those points
joining up nicely.    Shortly after making this quilt  I took 
City and Guilds Patchwork Quilting, Part 1 and 2.   
I learnt how to do things properly, then threw
  the rule book out of the window.

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