Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Weeks of Randomness

What happened to the last three weeks?

There was the HOT.   Taking life easy, enjoying being outside. Suppers on 
the balcony, even a barbecue. 

The garden needed a drink twice a day, which is how I came up close and 
personal with the runner bean trench one evening, brandishing the watering can. 
Grazed knee, cut finger, covered in earth and water (mud).   We need a hosepipe 
I declared, after phoning the chiropractor.

Then there was the COLD and RAIN, and the arrival of the hosepipe.    

I finished the indigo quilt
it's folded up ready to go to it's new home

We had visitors.   Young Mr. Ben developed Chicken Pox.  Poor little chap, he was 
covered.  I had quite forgotten how awful and itchy it could be.   All recovered now.

I had some mending, boro style, to do

there's more mending to do on my favourite 
silk/ linen indigo jacket

We watched the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations indoors.   The Tuesday street party 
was cancelled.  Torrential rain.

I dyed a selection of pale threads, which is unusual.   Perhaps they compliment the
washed out weather.

I have been reading Hemmingway and John Le Carre.  Not my usual fare, but I 
found myself in our local library, after years of absence.  Both a good read.  
Something to dip into  during the European Football Cup, two matches per night,
if you please!

I also heard a poem on the radio, and I am not really keen on poetry, but I liked the 
first bit especially.   The Sea Mouse by Amy Clampitt.  'The orphanage of possibility 
has had to be expanded to admit the sea mouse.'  I like to think of my room now as 
such an orphanage. not to sea mice obviously, but all those boxes full of possibilities.

Yesterday I repotted my indigo plants.   They are going along pretty well, should be 
much larger by now - they will catch up.   However, with the temperatures possibly 
going down single figures overnight, decided to let them sleep indoors.    In June!

It's now a beautiful afternoon.  I shall have a potter in the garden.  Hosepipe 
not required on journey.


leilani said...

So glad you are back. . . three weeks is a l o n g time!

Recuperating from a total knee replacement and starting on a small wall hanging using some of your beautiful indigo pieces. It is going to be donated to our Textile Museum's annual fund raiser. Will send you a photo when done.

Also, I have a wee piece of an absolutely luscious burnt orange velvet you dyed. Would you consider doing a larger, say a one-yard piece at some point?


Tiggy Rawling said...

hi leilani. thanks for your comments. I"ll mail you

Clare Wassermann said...

Wonderful stuff. I'd like to the indigo quilt as a whole

Anonymous said...

The indigo quilt arrived at its new home and will be very happy here, as am I. It's beautiful. Thank you. Ax