Sunday, 24 June 2012

Next on the book pile

It's been raining, and cold.    Euro 2012 dominates the evenings.   This sounds 
rather like the last blog post!

Another trip to the library finds me reading Desert by J.M.Le Clezio; "a postwar 
classic' says The Guardian.  1909 ancient tribes set out on an epic journey over 
scorched sands in search of safety and a new homeland.  

"The people of the Blue Men.... the dark skin on their cheeks, arms and legs was
tinted with indigo.   The blue tattoos on the women's foreheads looked like
shiny little beetles."

The Blue Men hail from north west Sarah, and I immediately thought of The 
Atlas Mountains and a 'scarf' I bought in Morocco, said to be from that area.
it's not blue!

Folded in half, it measurements 35 x 2.50mts,
woven with a coarse black and orange wool.
The stripes are woven with white and
black cotton thread.

The middle section has been tied and 
over dyed with red

runnels of the red dye can be seen
on the orange background

Now to a blue quilt.   This is for Clare W. who wanted to
see a picture of the finished article.

Kimono Blue

in it's bag, ready to go.    Oh yes, I used this
fabric for the quilt backing.   Indigo dyed 
cotton, with a dabu resist. (mud)

We were promised some sun today, at 2.00pm,
if you please.    It was a little early, but very welcome.

the marigold, in tight bud this morning, is
happy too!


indigocarole said...

I love the quilt, but how did you quilt it, in the ditch? I've been making mandalas. Some are over 20" square. I don't want to stitch in the pattern lines, so am at a bit of a loss.

Tiggy Rawling said...

I did quilt in the ditch, to keep it simple. The squares are 5" so that was fine. 20" squares will need a a slightly different treatment I think. You could try tying the blocks, with the knots at the back. Carefully placed they shouldn't detract from the pattern of the mandalas.