Wednesday, 14 November 2012


This is catch up time!     We set off on our wanderings through Rajasthan
a week ago.   We were will off the beaten track so no chance to blog.

A long journey made even longer with traffic jams and road works.  The
countryside is beautiful, I just love the Aravali Hills.   Stops for chai were
interesting diversions.   We could watch the lorries whizzing by and be
entertained by passing musicians, such as the two man band with one
drum and a cymbal between them.  No music as such, just a minute of
what could best be described as NOISE.

We arrived, somewhat dusty, in Pachewar after eight hours on the road.
Driving through the small village to the fort we encountered 'major' road
works.   A huge trench, which we later discovered had been by the owner
of the house, so he could find and connect to the main water pipe.   The
car had to reverse through very narrow lanes, eventually arriving at the
fort, we were the only guests, very exclusive!

A glimpse within

The fort taken from the original outer wall

our front door - with ventilation!
the interior shabby chic

The village was lovely, so clean.    People going about their daily business; the potter,
the shopkeeper, school children, and those just sitting and chatting.

The village was situated by a lake.   We had walks around, talking to ladies 
doing the washing, the men taking the buffalo for morning walks, children just
being cheeky.   Then there was the bird watching.  Ha, ha, you try to find a
green pigeon the same colour as the leaves on the tree.   Our friend Samshu
spotted loads, and we felt like idiots not seeing one!   Well, we did eventually.

 the lake at sunset

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