Wednesday, 14 November 2012

to Udiapur

After a couple of days in Pachewar we made our way slowly back
to Udaipur.    To break the journey we called in to Todger, for an
overnight stay at a friends' new haveli, The Hill Valley Resort.   Set
high in the Aravali hills the air was clean and fresh, a nice change
from the craziness of the traffic  We still have oh and ah moments
when travelling.   The cars manage to weave in and out of lanes,
never the correct ones, and then there is usually one car/lorry 
going the wrong way.   A traffic inspector's nightmare.

We stayed here a couple of years ago, and there were no front or back doors,
the swimming pool was under constructions and ladies were planting the 
lawn grass plant by grass plant.  

On to Ankola to see the block printers.  Along the country lanes we caught up 
with a camel train on the way to a holy festival and then Pushkar camel fair.

leader of the pack

the middle

bringing up the back, baby camels

the camels carry all the household equipment,
beds, pots and pans, and, of course, the
small children and babies

And so to Ankona.    Block printed cloth bought and some fine white Indian cotton.
The necessary cups of chai and chat.    The 'showroom' was in a bit of a mess, as
everywhere people are tidying up for Diwali, but that didn't matter I had a fine time
among the piles of fabric!

One of the ladies of the family showing her
skill at shibori/bhandani.   Very impressive.

a pile of cloth ready for dyeing - they are all large
pieces, about 5 mts, folded into four for tying and
no markings of a pattern are made, it's just
done by eye.   Amazing.

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