Tuesday, 4 December 2012

back streets of Udaipur

Oh, we do like a little wander.

Life goes on, much as it has always done.   A world away from
the tourist areas of Udaipur, where you are constantly being
invited to 'just come in and look'.   

In this small street we are greeted with genuine smiles, 
and no hassle.  

Blue house, blue  cart, with scales.   Later it will be trundled 
through the lanes, perhaps with vegetables for sale.

A goldsmith with his crucible balanced on a metal plate.
He is sitting on the steps outside his home.   
Such concentration.                                                        


The Musician.   Diwali.  A very simple melody!  Everyone happy
give a few rupees.          I had bought a box of delicious Indian
sweeties to share, they went down well!              


The Potter.  There were an amazing amount of small potteries.  Beautiful water
pots.  I would love to bring one home.   Would it survive the journey?  Perhaps I 
should at least try next time!    

Decorating the water pots.  Behind a mound of diya dishes.   Much in demand for
Diwali.   The little oil filled diya decorate the houses, in windows and along walls 
and roofs.     

A young mother with her child, and a 'friend'.     As Mark Tully says "you are never
alone in India".  The baby is well wrapped up, despite the temperature being 
around 28c.    Doesn't she look happy?   

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Radka said...

Great pictures, Tiggy, I love the blues.