Tuesday, 4 December 2012

the big blip

Hello, namaste - we're back!     When we left Udaipur on 15 November, 
for roads less travelled in Gujarat, there was a distinct lack of Internet access, 
in fact, none at all. Even at the end of the trip in Mumbai, there was a short 
burst of wifi, like ten minutes!   Apparently trouble with the satellite.    Well, 
we just had to accept  that information.

This was a good thing!   After twitchy fingers, and needing to know what was
going on in the world, the laptop also had a holiday.

This year was a difficult one, for many reasons.   We really needed down time
to let the brain empty, file and/or delete.   It took about a week to recuperate,
then just to relax and enjoy the journey.  

A bit of a shock landing at Heathrow.   Not only pouring rain, a temperature
drop of 30c, followed by a cold frosty spell.  Hibernation time!    Out with the
Blue Moon quilt   Spent a few days quilting, which was great.  No stitching
for a whole month!!!!

brrrr ..............

I started this blog in 2008 as a journal of my Indian travels mainly for 
family and friends, and Keith who joined me two weeks later, just
so they knew where I was and what I was up to.  I had an invitation to 
a Mela in Bhuj, which I could not refuse.   Previously I had sent group
e mails. Time for techno Tig to join the 21st century.  That was a huge 
learning curve, especially since I only set up the blog days before
my departure!

That's almost five years ago!  The blog goes on.  Thank you friends and 
followers for visiting, and for your comments which are always welcomed.

So I have a lot of catching up to do!

When in India you have to expect the unexpected around every corner.
You also experience 'breakdown' with everyday objects.   Take my new
sandals for instance 

very comfortable for wandering around Udaipur

and then the glue on the straps failed to do it's job.   Step up the street cobbler.
What a good job!   Glue applied to both shoe straps, and for added stability, 
saddle stitching to the sole.    You might notice they are a light cherry red.
Oops, to late.  They were polished within an inch of their life, very nice and
smart, however, I've lost the red and now have a sort of military brown!

Keith's binoculars went wonky, I lost mine!   I also think I need a new camera!
I am 'borrowing' some of Keith's photos for my blog which I will mark as his.
For a real treat, do visit his website.   He is still in the process of sorting his
pix.   They are brilliant.

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