Friday, 14 June 2013

a bit of this and a bit of that

Another busy week.

Last Saturday the Procion dyeing workshop.   It was steamy hot, producing very vibrant colours.    Some very interesting bundles of dyed cloth produced.   A lovely day all round.

After spending the morning on shibori pieces,  the afternoon was spent tray dyeing and
various methods of producing patterns by folding and tying.

the good old hippy swirl - always impresses!

flag folding with rubber band resist

and the splat cloth using left over dyes
I think I can see a herbaceous border in there!

I took the opportunity of topping up my threads, this time with greens and blues, and a couple of oranges.

 I also dyed up some thread for a special order.   Taking the colour from a 'one off' spool I did some colour mixing and came up with a very good match.   The heat was brilliant for dyeing, instead of a mid plumb I ended up with a rich Yummy Plummy, much nicer!    Sold and gone to a good home!

Meanwhile, in the garden flag irises were beginning to open.    Purple and yellow we thought.   Surprise, surprise

chocolate brown,  yellow and cream - good enough to eat

On Monday a workshop with a local group on Indian Applique.    The lovely ladies worked hard producing samples of various methods which will, hopefully(!) be put together as a finished piece.   I love seeing students interpretations of a technique and taking things further.   I think we all learn a lot on such a day.

This weekend I have to dismantle my shelves, and their contents, in the conservatory in readiness for a new roof being fitted on Monday.  A good chance to go through the boxes and pots for a bit of a clear out.   That's going to be fun!   

Next Saturday a trip to North Dorset to take an Indigo workshop.   Sun dances all round.  I think it is going to be hot.  Hope so!

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