Sunday, 16 June 2013

eco printing

I've been reading India Flint's two books on eco dyeing, dipping in over the past two years or so, drooling over the wonderful colours obtained from plants, and dyed using sustainable earth friendly methods.    Never quite had the courage to 'just do it'.

Another fabulous blog Threadborne  has two posts on using irises for eco printing.   I was inspired to have a go.    My friend Hilary supplied a bag of purple flag iris, so no time to lose.

iris 'juice' on paper  

bundle preparation

the bundle

the steamer, plus eucalyptus bark and leaves soaking to release the dye

the reveal 

the dark bits come from 'found' metal washers and a nail -  the bark and eucalyptus 
were gathered on wanderings in Greece and India - there's bits of tea light metal, 
plus other leaves, and flowers from the garden.

Conclusion, and things learnt.    The iris were going 'soft' hence the Monet dreamy colours;  one brown iris which was freshly picked, gave a better impression, as did a rose leaf.   Next time, yes, there will be one, I shall use stronger string to hold the bundle tighter and maybe steam a little longer.   Not bad for a first attempt!

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Radka said...

How interesting! I had a go at hapazome a couple of years ago
(under my "labels"), that was fun too.