Monday, 14 October 2013

picking up the thread

Good grief, over a month since I blogged!    The Canford Needlework Festival was good.  Lots of traders and well attended.   Hello, and thank you to everyone who found my emporium.   Situated on the stage against a black wall, with minimal lights, I never did get round to calling my spot The Dark Hole of Calcutta.     I did a demo where it was to dark to thread a needle.     Ah well, Fran is working on next year's event, taking notice of the feedback from traders and shoppers.   I'll just put it down to teething troubles!

Did I tell you about my 'sports' injuries?!!!  Ha, Ha!     On the day of Bournemouth Air Show I rashly jumped of a wall.    The next day there was the game of football/rugby with my boys and grandson.  I was in goal.  Lesson in the learning.   Result, hip, knee and left foot fused.   Ouch.     I am still 25 in my head!      

I've been taking it easy.    Annalise my chiropractor is doing a grand job.    I can now stand on my toes, if I want too!    One more session should see me right.

Three fabulous Shibori (Procion) workshops here, where I could have a little hobble and then sit down.    One workshop and one talk this week, and that's me done until March.

It has been a busy summer, so perhaps it was good to try and do nothing for a while.   I certainly put my feet up,  gave a few orders here and there.   Still waiting for the housework and laundry fairies to appear.

The Kurta Quilt has been my companion, lots of quilting and even more surface stitching.
You never know, I might even finish it this year!    

one corner done
to think it was going to be machine quilted
instead it's covered in hand stitching
some interesting hand quilting
happening along the outer border now

looking back to the warmer days

pleated and pole wrapped indigo dyed cloth

In a months time we will be flying east
really looking forward to that


Radka said...

I thought you are 25! :-))))
I love your Kurta quilt.
Have a good week,

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks Radka!