Thursday, 31 October 2013

Painted threads

Yesterday I spent time using up dye stock, couldn't possibly throw it down the sink!

High on my list for 2014 is to revisit my website.    Sadly neglect this year, it is in need of a complete revamp.    

When out and about this year I was often asked if I sell my threads online.   The packs of threads on the website sold well.   As to individual spools, I hope to devise a page showing the (almost) solid colours.   The description of the variegated threads might need some imagination!   Some standard mixes, plus one offs.     That will be a colourful occupation for
dull January/February days.


Els said...

Ohhhh my that looks só GOOD, Tiggy !
Good way to "disose" of your excess dyes ;-)

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks Els. Amazing they are no longer in the building. Sold and gone to good homes!

lei said...

I have a collection of your threads and I absolutely love them and use them often. If I may make one suggestion. Could you make the paper tube you put them on a little larger circumference? I would love to use these for machine top stitching but can't do so unless I wind them onto a larger spool.

Looking forward to a revamped web site!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Lei, good to hear you enjoy using my threads.
I have a wonderful Swedish thread winder. To make the tube I use a plastic stick, which I mix my gin and tonic en route to India! The perfect size, although to small to fit on to the sewing machine. I just casually place the spool on my table, it works. Or, you could go down the route of a small jar with a bit of Blue Tack in the bottom to hold a 'spindle' which fits the tube. If that makes sense!

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Lush colours, very nice!

Radka said...

I just love your thread :-)