Sunday, 3 November 2013

how to.....................

Lei left a comment on my last post asking if I could make the size of the paper spools a little larger so they would fit on the sewing machine.    I replied, but just for fun here is the first little tutorial on my blog.

(written in my best Sunday wobbly writing)
free machine stitching

I have a wonderful Swedish thread winder.   The plastic stick (used for mixing my gin and tonic en route to India)  is the perfect size for the spool and the winder.    The paper is old class notes.  Recycling at its best.

To use the thread on the machine you will need:

A small jar/glass
Blue Tack
Kebab stick or something similar

Place the Blue Tack in the bottom of the jar/glass.   Stick the Kebab stick into the Blue Tack.   Place jar to the side of the sewing machine.   I thread through the holder for the bobbin winder, across to the normal threading points.   Alternatively, place the jar at the 
back of the machine and thread up in the usual way.

I use normal sewing thread in my bobbin.   Test the tension before you stitch.

You might notice I have signed my masterpiece.     There is a reason.

Whilst doing a little research before we set off, I was surprised to find images of my work on the web, not accredited to myself.    I know the source.    Mail sent.

When I take workshops I love to share, and I'm happy for students to take photos of my Indian textiles, along with samples for their own use.  I do not expect to find my work advertising workshops being taken by someone else.

It is a very sad state of affairs, and perhaps I am a bit naive.  So now perhaps I should consider having students sign a form accepting that condition.  Then there is the content and photos on the Blog.   Oh dear, it's a big bad world out there.


indigocarole said...

How sad are the people who need to "borrow" other's work. I hope they apologise profusely and to your satisfaction. It spoils it for everyone.
Re. the paper bobbins. I have a thread holder for large reels but an inexhaustible supply of empty cotton reels for your threads. It takes minutes to transfer them and use as normal.
The Indian quilt should make it to Portsmouth next year. I've signed up for your workshop and hopefully will finish it finally, in time to bring. Enjoy your trip.

lei said...

Your solution, Twiggy, is brilliant! Can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't think of that. An accumulation of senioritis I suspect. thanks!